Automatizations + Scenes Colores

Hey guys! Hope you are doing extremly well.

Here KouteV from Argentina, learning how to use your incredible software for Esports Productions and i want to bring some feedback to see how could you implement. I came from OBS so here are my suggestions:

First, i would love to add a VideoGame Capture, like OBS have. If not, we need to capture the whole screen and it’s not worth for us.

Second, as we manage so many inputs in a 1 scene, i would love to put some colors to the inputs to difference each one by “sectors” if you want to call it in some way.

Third one and i guess the most important: Automatizations.

I really don’t understand how the “Automation” tab on the settings works. It’s no so much simple to use & i guess that it don’t have all the settings that an automatization could have.

I love the Plugin “Advance Scene Switcher” for OBS. Maybe could be a good pointing start for you to have a reference on how automatizations works.

For example, i need that: When a video finished, the scene changes to… X. So, you play the AD video and then open with the talent on camera and it’s all automated (also you could select witch stinger you would like to use).

ooor, when the scene X is on program, i want to mute the music audio & enable the talent mic’s.

Soooo… i guess the automatization setting need to be SO MUCH improve for -at least- Esports Production.

Maybe in the near future i would love to see using Cre8 on Esports. You have so much potential.

Only need a few of adjustemnts to have it sooooo clean. Love your product.

I’ll waiting for your answer



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hi koutev,
I find your suggestions very interesting. I think I would also use many functions that you mention.
I agree with you the software have a lot of potential.:star_struck::star_struck:


Hi Koutev,

Thanks for your post! It’s really good to hear you’re enjoying using the system.
In regards to the features, they are already on the backlog and will hopefully be released in the near future. Please keep an eye on What's New - Quicklink.



So much thanks for your reply Jake!

I’m going to see the What’s New section and be aware of the new functions that are going to release in the near future. Hope you are going to be the best software in the future!

Kind regards