CASE STUDY: ESL Gaming America introduce remote talent into global Esports tournaments with Quicklink Studio (ST55)

ESL Gaming America, an esports production and events company, are utilising Quicklink Studio (ST55) to introduce high-quality remote talent into global esports tournaments. Helping gaming communities thrive for over 15 years, ESL Gaming America create engaging content that unites players, fans, and creators around the world. Through the use of Quicklink Studio, ESL are able to easily introduce remote talent from around the world in high-quality and ultra-low latency.

Quicklink Studio was initially adopted by ESL Gaming America during the COVID-19 pandemic as their main solution for call-ins, on-air and point-to-point calls, after having previously used the Quicklink TX (Skype TX) for all of their high-quality remote guest contributions. Since, ESL have utilised Quicklink Studio for a wide range of clients and projects as their main call-in solution for remote guests and talent across the world. High-quality player interviews that provide an ‘In-the-studio’ feeling, have been made possible with Quicklink, allowing for players in remote parts of the world to contribute broadcast-quality video and audio.

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