Is a Virtual Camera is compatible with Quicklink's call in system?

Title says it all, one of our talent wants to use a virtual camera input. From what I can gather, it is a program that runs on their computer that processes the video and/or allows screen sharing.

I am testing with a free app called Manycam, and I am unable to see the virtual camera input BUT I am able to see the virtual audio input.

I’m trying to get an idea of what they want to use the virtual camera for. I know QL has screen share, and I will direct them there if they want to present something, but I fear they want to blur the background or do some other cg trickery.



I’ll attach a screenshot below using Chrome on a laptop. We do have customers using virtual webcams through Chrome. In addition to this, we will have blurring/background imaging coming soon.

If this is still not working correctly please contact the support team either by phone or email.
+441792720880 option 2 or


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