Manage multiple Scenes

Is there a way to reorder my scenes?

Can I copy and paste scenes?

Currently there is no way to reorder or copy and paste scenes however, this is something we can look into adding. Sources can be quickly copy and pasted over from scene to scene though.

Big up on this one, we need to be able to create Templates. Having to create 5 or 6 gallery scenes for our longer events is really an anchor on our workflow. VMix and Wirecast allow recalling previously used templates with a few clicks.

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Hi George,
You can save Project and this will allow you to save scenes already created.
At the moment the templates are not yet available this is something that has already been requested as a feature to be added.
Even though it’s still not possible to copy and reorganise your scenes you can easily copy all the sources from your existing scene and paste it in the new one.
Until the feature is developed it still allows you to replicate your existing scenes.

Testing today the saving of projects, this saves all the setting including lower thirds input / output setting , infact everything in a project.
Next Sprint is to make projects fully cloud synching for easy copy between systems and also allow import of cloud created projects from third parties

Hey Rrees,

The problem is, we don’t need to copy entire projects, just layouts. When we have 6 people on screen, having them all perfectly lined up and equal sizes is important. Sometimes we’re working with multiple streams happening the same day and waiting until one is done to swap the layouts to the next stream isn’t ideal.

We must be able to create our own templates with placeholders and add them to any project. Without this, the switcher will have to remain accessory to our encoding software as a means to bring in guests and route video/audio. Glad to see you are all so responsive and hope to see this updated soon.

Any thoughts @rrees?

Brought this up with Development team this morning, it’s very possible to do, and even sync to your companies cloud area, to carry information across multiple systems
Will have an update later this week on timings


Excellent suggestion @George and we’d love for the same thing here at Seattle Children’s!

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Hey Patrick! Thanks for sharing. We’ll keep you updated on the progress too.

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