Plugin VB Cable

Hi, I have made several new test installations (on clean windows) and the “cable AB” application does not appear or is not installed. That’s why I can’t do virtual audio sends. Is this normal?
In the first versions of quicklink switcher I think they were installed automatically. Now the user must have them?

On the other hand, congratulations for the work. I have not been able to test too much time the new version but it has many interesting features that I want to discover.
Keep going!:clap::clap::muscle:

Hi Gines,

Thank you very much for your question and kind comments.

You will need to install the virtual cables yourself if you’re using the community version. There’s some more information on how to do so, here…

However, if that doesn’t answer your question or you think there’s an issue, then please feel free to pop in a support ticket to us at



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Perfect! Problem solved :sunglasses:

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Great! Let us know how you find the latest additions @ginesromero :slight_smile:

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