Problem with QuickLink Interface Aspect Ratio

Hello everyone! It is my first post in the forum. Sorry to start with a small problem :sweat_smile: thar I found in with QL. Perhaps it is a small “bug” to solve.

I will try to explain it as well as possible but if you need images I can add them

Problem: I work with 2 screens (Main Screen Resoplution: 2560x1440 Secondary Screen 1920x1080) I work with QL on the main screen and when I maximize QL the bottom menu (cpu, ndi, streaming…) it disappears (is hidden) and is quite uncomfortable. If I bring QL to the secondary screen and I maximize this doesn’t happen, the aspect ratio is correct. But on the main screen QL does not adapt to my full screen and I think it would be the most comfortable.

Thanks in advance

Hi GinesRomero,

Thank you for your post. We appreciate any feedback! Can you send a screenshot or a photo of the issue you are seeing to and one of the engineers will investigate this with you.

Hi Jake, perfect I already sent it.