Problem with QuickLink Interface Aspect Ratio

Hello everyone! It is my first post in the forum. Sorry to start with a small problem :sweat_smile: thar I found in with QL. Perhaps it is a small “bug” to solve.

I will try to explain it as well as possible but if you need images I can add them

Problem: I work with 2 screens (Main Screen Resoplution: 2560x1440 Secondary Screen 1920x1080) I work with QL on the main screen and when I maximize QL the bottom menu (cpu, ndi, streaming…) it disappears (is hidden) and is quite uncomfortable. If I bring QL to the secondary screen and I maximize this doesn’t happen, the aspect ratio is correct. But on the main screen QL does not adapt to my full screen and I think it would be the most comfortable.

Thanks in advance

Hi GinesRomero,

Thank you for your post. We appreciate any feedback! Can you send a screenshot or a photo of the issue you are seeing to and one of the engineers will investigate this with you.

Hi Jake, perfect I already sent it.

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I have the same problem, I have 3 monitors 1920x1080 the graphical interface never adjusts to the aspect ratio even part of the image is missing, this is terrible for my nerves

Welcome @TecniPro!

Thank you for the feedback.

@Jake, do you have any updates on this?

Hi @TecniPro,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing issues with this. Please send an email to attaching an image showing the issue you’ve described. I personally use 3 1920x1080 monitors on my test setup at 100% scaling with no image missing.

Also please include the current version you are using.

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Thanks jake
If it should be a theme setup at 100% scaling with no image missing, I WILL DO A TEST AND I WILL NOTIFY YOU, Thanks.

Thank you, Jake. This is how to keep in mind when installing the windows scale software, make sure it is 100% and 100% letar size. The software is very good, it doesn’t reach the features of Tricaster but it surpasses VMix in many aspects and it is lighter and uses fewer resources than Wirecast, which in features is quite similar. Thanks I will continue using Cre8 for remote connections it is very good and it has Talkback it is very important.

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Thank you for the update. We appreciate the feedback and will take it on board.

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Some people have asked me how to solve te same issue. For all of them the solution to 100% it is works, that’s great. :smiley:
In any case, I think it is something that could be improved in future versions. In my case it is a bit annoying because the letters look much smaller. But it’s a small problem. :smiley:

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