STS-410 | Flow Menus in Quicklink Switcher

After adopting the STS-410 as our switching solution, we’ve notice that our time to create new shows has gone way up from our old workflow. A big culprit for lost time is the lack of flow menus.

I want to create new shot with a full screen NDI source. Currently, I’d have to click the plus icon, click the drop menu, scroll to NDI Source & click it, click add source, create a new name for it or choose existing, click okay, click the drop down in NDI source names, find the NDI source and click it, click okay.

This is all before you even touch custom layouts, resizing, cropping, etc.

Ideally, we’d be able to right click a blank area in “sources” and have a drop menu appear that says “Add>NDI Source>[here would be a “create new” button first, followed by any existing sources”.

Another example would be transforms. A lot of the time, we have templates we’d like to use for their layout, but with different sources in mind. To replace a source right now, I’d have to add the new source first, then click the old source I want the transform from, click transform, copy transform, click the new source, click transform, click paste transform.

Ideally, I’d be able to right click any source, “replace>NDI Source>[here would be a “create new” button first, followed by any existing sources” then when I make my selection, the transform parameters are kept, but the source has changed.

This would save us a ton of time and make last minute show changes way less stressful. I hope to see this implemented for other menus too, like filters, properties, etc.

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