STS410 in the Cloud

Can the Switcher STS410 Software be installed in the Cloud?
If yes do you have a set of instructions with a step by step and the type of instance that should be provided?
Can we rollout multiple instances?

Yes. The Switcher software can be installed on Cloud instances.

The instructions will be the same for Cloud instances as it would be on customers’ own hardware. Instance sizing we’re looking at roughly for 4 callers and 1 stream out is a quad-core, 16GB with a dedicated graphics card. With 8 callers and 2 streams out and other records etc. we’re looking at an octa-core, 32GB with a dedicated graphics card.

Yes. You can roll out multiple instances in the cloud and stop and start them when needed.

Hi @RuiRibeiro599,

We’ve now added an article on our Knowledge Base for installing the Quicklink Switcher on AWS (Amazon Web Services EC2).

You can take a read here: