STS410 Switching for Multiple Destinations

For many hybrid events, we don’t want the local displays to show the livestream’s view because it would often times be redundant. The speaker and slide view they’d see online should only be slides on the local view because the speaker is right in front of them. My question is, how does the 410 manage switching for 2 different outputs.

We’re thinking, just have a team mate grab my AUX feeds from the switcher using OBS or an old Pearl2 and just switching sources for the local folks. The aux feeds would be slideshow out, program minus local audio and our company logo for moments where nothing specific needs to be on the screens.

Is there a better way to do this using only the switcher or is it best to leave that local switching to another operator with another computer?

Thank you for your question George, an answer will be provided shortly.

Thank you for your question George. If there’s any more information you can share it’ll make the question easier to answer. I think I have a gist of what you are trying to achieve but would like the complete workflow if possible.

Happy to add detail,

For hybrid events, what is displayed on the projector for our local audience is not the same feed shown to our livestream audience. For example, if the livestream is seeing our CEO talking next to the slides in a custom layout, the room would just need to see the slides because the CEO is right in front of them (small covid audiences). So the questions is, does your STS-410 handle independent switching between Program and AUX.

For reference, Livestream Studio handles this by giving each aux bus it’s own switcher. Instead of routing a fixed source to the bus, one can choose any source to send to any bus signal, custom transitions and all. To be clear, this is actually not ideal for many scenarios, but very useful for hybrid events. Having both styles of AUX routing would be best.

If your switcher currently doesn’t offer aux channel switching, we’re thinking that the following might be a solution, but would like feedback.

  1. Create the layouts to be used in the room on the 410 switcher
  2. Send those layouts out individually using the 410’s NDI Aux routing
  3. Catch those signals with a computer running OBS and add each source to an individual scene
  4. Connect the OBS laptop to the room projector and audio system

From there, we just let the technician running the OBS laptop handle switching for the room using the sources provided by the 410. Meanwhile the 410 operator focuses on switching for the livestream feed.

Separate but related

Can I create an NDI feed of any of the 410 switcher’s layouts to make the above work? (example: Gallery layout minus local speaker’s audio/video)

Does that layout need to be sent to Program to be seen and heard by the OBS machine, or can it just exist on the switcher, never to be referenced by the 410 operator after creation?

I hope that clears it up

That clears it up quite well.

Looking at our current setup with a single instance of the switcher software running this wouldn’t be possible to use native aux channel switching. However, we do have a few options similar to what you have thought of below.

What we have thought of doing and is currently being discussed by the development team is to have a second instance of the Switcher software running and capturing the NDI Aux as feeds to be output and switched. The option of using the laptop is again possible using OBS although we think it would be easier if it was all using one box.

With the independent NDI feeds, the above will work. They can then be sent out using one of the independent NDI or SDI aux busses into the OBS machine or into the second instance of the Switcher software.

Hope this helps!