Studio Caller Mic Volume Control

I love the ability to control caller Mic volume. I hate the caller’s ability to control their own mic volume. On more than one occasion now, I’ve had people in our testing see that gain slider and go “Oh, that seems low. Let me slide it all the way to the right.” Lol. RIP my ears.

Is there a way we can enable/disable this feature? Maybe even make it a Db # drop down instead of a slider so they’re not so tempted to do this.

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Hi George,

There’s no way currently to enable/disable it. It’s one we’ll add to our list of feature requests.


Hey guys, wanting to see if there’s any ETA for this yet. Local IT support people who know enough to be dangerous continue seeing that slider at 1.0 and sliding that thing all the way right, or assume it’s some sort of speaker volume control. Even a check box on our account to disable this function would be great.

Funny enough, the more I warn against touching it, the more tempted they are to adjust it.

Hi George,

Just to keep you updated we are still looking into this.

If there was an option in the Managers Portal to send a request to the Guest User to allow them to manage their audio, would this work for you?

Sure, as long as we can make the default behavior to exclude this setting for new callers, We’re happy.