Zoom Callers Screen Share

We are so impressed with the Zoom Caller feature in quicklink, but the main problem we’re seeing is screen sharing. 99% of the time we stream, somebody has a deck to share. Currently, if someone shares their screen, all pinned videos become the screen share. This pretty much takes this workflow off the table. I know this has a lot to do with how Zoom handles joining in a web instance, but wanted to know if anyone has found a workaround.

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Hey George

We tend to use a local PowerPoint or Keynote machine and Internetclicker.com

So far it’s been 99% flawless


Yeah, we figured we can just join the call with a presentation computer called PGM Return and send the deck as a camera feed, then tell panelists to Pin, but some presenters are so adamant about having their slides, for the presenter view notes I assume. We can work around that though with lead time.

Other concern is Zoom’s video quality with smaller text. I mean they know their own slides pretty well most of the time, but numbers on graphs can get pixelated since Zoom butchers video feed resolution.

Great note about that internet clicker. Never seen this service before.

Internet clicker offers presenter notes as part of their software :wink: