Zscaler and other security software

We were thrilled with ST-55’s performance in our testing and are very excited to get started with weaving it into our workflow. A concern of ours however, is that off the bat, we were unable to join the studio platform from our standard issue laptop image because Zscaler was enabled. We ended up having to whitelist some traffic with our security team in the Zscaler console. Problem solved right? Not quite.

We bring external people online for almost every stream, from every background. We’re talking government officials, FANG execs, medical professionals; all with a diverse set of security tools on their laptops.

My question is this. Is Quicklink making efforts to work with popular security vendors like Zscaler to whitelist their traffic out of the box? We’d sleep a whole lot better at night knowing that we’re not going to have to change our technical run of show based on one person’s firewall blocking Quicklink Studio traffic. Granted, we’ll never 100% squash these concerns because every company blocks different traffic for different reasons, but in most cases - studio video feeds are being blocked only because security vendors don’t recognize the traffic.

We’d love to see security vendor certifications on ST-55 so that traffic can flow as easily as Zoom or Teams.

Hi George,

I’ve read over Zscaler and can see how the system works. We will make contact with Zscaler and see what they can do in terms of certifications and whitelisting the Quicklink Studio traffic. It’ll need some investigation and we’ll get back to you if we need anything from your side.

Thanks again!

Also if there are any other platforms anyone can suggest we will also contact them to push this higher up the list!